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Parent Focus Group

The Parent Focus Group (PFG) was formed so that representatives from our parents can meet with our Head teacher, James Law, and members of the teaching staff to discuss areas for celebration as well as discussing issues that need resolution or may cause concern.


The remit is for the group to meet half-termly to work towards finding solutions that help to promote the excellent work, communication and reputation of our school within our families and the wider local community.


PFG representatives 2018/2019


Reception Vacancy

Year 1 Lisa Handy Stockley - Chairperson

Year 2 Laura Whittaker and Marie Duke

Year 3 Donna Watling and Helen Dean

Year 4 Sam Sibley

Year 5 Gemma Davies

Year 6 Charli Goddard

Staff Mr Law


Date of next meeting: Thursday 4th April 5.00pm at school