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Uniform list for Milldown CE Academy


At Milldown, we believe the school uniform achieves three important goals:
1) It encourages a sense of community identity and pride. By wearing the same badge and the same clothing, children are encouraged to think of the needs of the community as well as their own individual needs.
2) It encourages our children to develop habits for life. By looking after their uniform and taking pride in it, children learn the habits of discipline and personal responsibility that will stay with them for life.
3) It prevents unkindness or bullying while keeping costs down. By requiring all our children to wear the same low-cost uniform, we reduce the incentive for children to ask parents for the latest (and most expensive) items of fashion. As a result, costs are kept as low as possible and no child can be seen to be poorer or wealthier than any other.

However, for our uniform policy to be successful, it must be implemented universally and without exception. Our parents understand this and so support us at home to uphold the School’s high standards.

We understand that, for some families, finances are tight. We believe that, by doing all we can to keep items of fashion out of school, we help families to keep costs down. Nevertheless, if you do have an individual problem, or you are unsure about an item of clothing, please do not hesitate to contact the school office or your child’s teacher who will deal with your enquiry in the strictest confidence.


There is a school uniform at Milldown that consists of:


  • Navy jumpers and cardigans with or without embroidered school logo
  • Plain white shirt (Long or short Sleeved) or polo shirt with or without embroidered school logo
  • Black or grey shorts, skirts or trousers
  • Blue and white checked dress
  • Plain navy, black, grey or white socks or plain navy or dark grey tights
  • White, black or blue headscarves. 


Footwear: all children are expected to have black school shoes (boots or wellies may be worn to school in the winter but they need school shoes for when they are inside) and trainers for outdoor PE.  No open-toed shoes/sandals.  See below for examples of permitted no permitted shoes.


Please note skirts should be an appropriate length and of a style that allows sitting comfortably on the floor. When shorts are worn, they should also be of an appropriate length.


P.E. Kit


Children need a change of clothes, socks and footwear for P.E (for health and hygiene reasons) and a draw-string bag in which to keep the kit at school. All school uniform and P.E. kit MUST be named. Children can become upset as a result of lost clothing; please help us by naming everything.


P.E. Uniform is:

•White or black ankle socks (separate from those worn with school uniform)

•Black shorts or cycling shorts of a suitable length and fit

•Purple T-shirt with or without logo

•A pair of plimsolls / trainers– velcro fastenings are essential for younger children for indoor P.E. in the hall and when we use the hard standing areas for PE lessons outside.

•Navy or black jogging bottoms and dark sweatshirt for outdoor lessons in cold weather




Available from ‘Rag Tags’ in Blandford (  and online from Tesco ( or (


We have a selection of clean, preowned shirts, jumpers, trousers, skirts, and dresses in the school reception area that are free to parents.  Please come and help yourself to this uniform. 



Uniform Policy

Permitted school shoes - examples. Shoes and casual hybrid shoe/trainers.

Inappropriate school shoes - not permitted, examples. Sports trainers, designed for sports activities are not permitted.