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Parent Gardening Club

Please join us, after school on Thursday the 8th of June, for the official opening of the Parent Garden Club. 

The Parent Gardening Club are helping to enrich the children of Milldown by further developing their skills, and to help educate them about the beautiful and creative world that we live in through a range of fun nature and crafting activities. These will include creating art from the natural resources found around them to setting moth traps to check the following day, to evening walks with a local wildlife expert.


We will also have an expert in to chat about the pond and the wildlife in it. We will be growing fruit and vegetables with the children so they get to help nurture and have some responsibility for growing organic produce. This will be used for children to try in the club and we will encourage simple basic cooking at home using fresh ingredients to make pesto and pizzas for example. Achieving goals allows children to become more self-confident, resilient, and independent as they see their hard work materialise, especially when they are able to enjoy the food they have grown.


We are an inclusive group started by a group of parents with a passion for sharing their knowledge of allotment life and gardening to develop children’s life skills and environmental education. It is also a great way to boost the mental health of children and parents in a stress-free, relaxing environment. 


After the 8th of June for our official opening, we are hoping to run a regular weekly club along with more regular informal drop-in sessions whereby children and parents can come along and learn about growing fruit and vegetables in an environment that’s safe and welcoming.


If anyone wants to get involved or feels they have a skill they may be able to bring to the gardening club, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. We welcome any additional help and support, even if you can only commit to a short amount of time each week. Please pop down and see us, contact us via the contact form below or send an email to

Please contact us with any queries.