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Pastoral Support

Pastoral Support Worker- Mrs Brightman


What actually is Pastoral Support?

Pastoral Support workers give help and support to children as well as providing information, advice and guidance. I always work in close partnership with teachers, parents/carers/ SENCo and other specialist agencies.


Where am I?

I’m in The Nest (between the KS1 library and the toilets!), I’m on the gate in the morning and I’m out at break and lunchtime with the children.


Who am I?

I’m an emotionally available adult for your children (and you), I’m a Trauma Informed Schools Practitioner an ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant), a Mum and up until recently I was a Teaching Assistant at a local primary school.


What sort of things might I help children with?

All sorts of mild to moderate barriers to mental good health for example self-esteem, worries, anxiety, family changes, fear, anger, low mood, loss.

I can signpost you to other people or organisations which offer help and support to parents and I can provide a listening ear.


When do the children see me?

I will spend time with specific children on a one to one basis to give them time to talk in a quiet confidential environment.  I use many types of play and art techniques to help children talk about and manage their feelings to help them understand that what is shareable is bearable. 

I am also out in the playground with KS1 children in the morning and during every lunchtime for all children.  Children can come and chat, I can help them manage tricky playground situations, I can play or help them decide what they want to play. 



How can you contact me?

Come and see me! I’m in every day.  Contact me via the school email or telephone number.  I will arrange coffee mornings every term so you have the opportunity to meet in a relaxed environment- even if there’s nothing specific you want to talk about do come along!




“EVERY action is an intervention” – Dr Karen Treisman